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Ryan believes that a person’s level of fitness is a measure of their quality of life, and his goal is to help individuals improve this.  The symbol for Madamba Training represents eight arrows.  This idea is that you get out what you put in, hard work and consistency over time will come back to you in spades.  His goal is to help others achieve this cycle and experience an increased quality of life.

Ryan has worked with thousands of individuals to help them identify a passion for sport and fitness.  Ryan believes identifying a true passion in activity is the first step to establishing a healthy lifestyle.  He is a lifelong athlete and his goal is to share this experience with others and help them identify their passion and reach their athletic potential.  Ryan is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and has pursued training as a Performance Enhancement Specialist PES and taken classes in training pre natal clients with NASM. He is currently in the process of becoming a Level 1 triathlon coach certified by USA Triathlon (USAT).  Ryan teaches a weekly spin class in Asheville, NC at the YWCA and trains individuals in triathlon and as a personal trainer both online and at the YMCA and YWCA.  Ryan is available to help build training plans as well as work with individuals to meet their strength, fitness, and weight loss goals.  

For more information check out the menu page or contact Ryan at: or 828 273 8559. 

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